Missoula Sprinkler Supply will be closed Labor day weekend and on Monday 09/05/2016. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor day.

 For the next few days the summer heat is making a comeback, so make sure you still are watering.


1. We offer Irrigation Installations and Free Estimates that are designed specifically for your yard, focusing on your priorities and your yard and garden needs. 

So often, irrigation is installed as if every inch of your grounds has the exact same watering needs, sun and shade areas treated the same. At Missoula Sprinklers, we take great pride in zoning and head placement that optimizes water use. This allows less frequent and shorter watering times for your shady areas and longer more frequent water for those sunny areas that used to bake to a crisp in July.  Not only that, we use a hybrid of brands that we have found to be the most dependable irrigation components providing a low maintenance and reliable irrigation system.

 Ask about our Rain/Freeze System Shut Off upgrades.

2. Sprinkler System Service, Turn-ons and Tune-ups are priced at $ 55.00 (Senior Discounts available) and if we can’t solve it we won’t charge you!

A typical Sprinkler System Turn-on or Tune-up will cost only this.  For more extensive service calls, this price may vary if it requires an extra person due to the labor that may be necessary. We will notify you before the work proceeds as to what kind of expense you will be looking at so there are no big surprises. 

For Service and Store Schedule, See Directions/Hours .

3. Missoula Sprinklers Retail Outlet can help walk you through any Irrigation Do-It-Yourself Project.

Regardless of the size of your project, our free advice and vast inventory of irrigation parts and repair kits will take alot of frustration out of your irrigation project.  Free Irrigation Designs as well as Free Delivery within the Missoula city area are also available.  Please see Missoula Sprinkler Supply Inventory for what’s available

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