DIY or full service, we do it all

Missoula Sprinkler Supply can design an irrigation system for you that fits your budget and your landscape needs.  We can do a full installation or you can do all or parts of it yourself.  Regardless,  I will  come to your house for a free estimate, draw your plot plan and do a water test for you.  We offer Do-It-Yourself Packages that allow you to do whatever you’re comfortable with and Missoula Sprinkler Supply can take care of the rest.  I can advise you on all installation techniques and accepted irrigation standards.  Missoula Sprinkler Supply can help take away any fear you have in tackling this project.

If you are handy and like saving money by taking care of things yourself, we are certain we can help you find the right irrgation parts to go home and take care of business. If you are looking for valve repair kits or want to add drip irrigation to that new flower bed, we can set you up with the very best options. 

Missoula Sprinkler Supply offers one on one assistance and free advice.  There is no need to wander endlessly down the aisles of the big box stores to find someone who may or may not know anything about irrigation.  Just come on in and see how every customer concern is dealt with  by an upfront, informed and concerned  irrigation specialist who actually understands your irrigation problems and your budget concerns.

It does not matter how old or mis-installed your current irrigation system is, Missoula Sprinkler Supply can come up with helpful solutions to those irritating irrigation problems.  I can generally find parts or at least alternative solutions for any failing irrigation component.  I maintain access to a large network of irrigation experts should anything come up that I cannot immediately solve if it is in fact solveable.

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